Choosing the Right Images for Your Website

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A single image can speak volumes and a powerful picture is enough to leave an indelible impression on the viewer’s mind. Images, therefore, play a crucial role in how you optimize your website for the online market.

Viewers can relate to a picture and what it portrays if it is projected in the right way. It is therefore crucial that your web designer uses the right images while designing your website.

Select an Image that is Relevant to your Brand

The images on your website should be relevant enough to send the right message about your brand. A ‘stunning’ effect may not always work in creating a unique identity for your company.

Prospective customers want to see how that product will work for them in real life through the images you upload on your site.

For example, if you offer teen and young adult garments, your images should exude exuberance and joy. On the other hand, if you are in the hospital business, your images should feature happy patients reflecting their satisfaction and confidence in your service.

Use Original Images

Don’t have a cookie-cutter approach while selecting images for your website. Just because another company has tasted success by using a particular image, it does not mean you too should take a similar line.

Rather, try to use real-life images of people who are using your product or service. When people see others like themselves using your products, it makes them more confident about your company.

You can use stock images but be very selective. Sit with your web designer and sift through several images. Mull over them to understand their effect and do some research to be sure that the same image is not being used by your competitors.

Select an image that will add meaning and send a particular message to your customers through your website.

Also, keep in mind copyright issues. High quality stock images have to be purchased; so be sure that you have permission to use that image before uploading it.

Always use High Quality Images

Low-resolution images not only affect viewing pleasure but make your website look sub-standard. Understandably, it reflects poorly on your company and prospective customers will steer clear of such websites.

A good web designer will always use a high-resolution picture that brings out each and every detail clearly. However, do not upload too heavy images as this can slow the loading speed of your website and thereby affect your rankings on search engines.

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